Just married car


I’m sooooo incredibly excited about today’s file. It’s a milestone for me. Not only did I create this image from scratch (without youtube tutorials etc.) – I also had the first version stitched out by several people, who gave lot’s of feedback, so we ended up with this new and better version. And the whole process was just so exciting. Lot’s of work, but really, really exciting.

Ready for a little sneak peek?  (Please note that some photos show the old version of this file):

This file exists in two versions

FREE Embroidery File : Just married car

Car with cans
6.11” x 8.39”
33298 stitches
19 colors


Car without cans
5.58” x 5.08”
26264 stitches
16 colors

Instant download is available for
.dst, .emb, .exp, .hus, .pes, .vp3

Download free embroidery file

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