Owl with heart


So, this file got me thinking. Do you prefer large embroideries to be fully embroidered or should they be appliques?

Looking forward to your comments.


See you tomorrow


FREE Embroidery File : Owl with heart
4.59” x 5.28” / 116,70 mm x 134,10 mm
23842 stitches
9 colors

Instant download is available for

Download free embroidery file

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3 thoughts on “Owl with heart

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  2. I don’t like a lot of stiff, hard stitches and prefer applique for designs with large areas. Also, “vintage stitch” or outline only designs can be quite effective.

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    • Thank you for your comment. It’s good to get some insight into what people are looking for. I have been working with some outline designs lately (as I find them quite effective as well), but only been able to do it now since my old digitzing software couldn’t handle these srt of files vey well.


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